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Learning Areas

There are various learning areas around our school for the children to explore and engage in a range of activities. All equipment and resources are of a high standard and staff ensure children are able to use them effectively. ONIS classrooms are stimulating environments with displays that serve as a learning tool and exhibit excellent children’s work to motivate them. Our main Early Years learning areas are designed based around the principles of continuous provision. These areas promote active learning, are safe for the children to freely explore whilst challenging their learning and becoming independent in making choices. The Lower Primary classes still integrate aspects of continuous provision into their daily timetable and assist Class 2 children with increasing their independent ready to transition to other schools. 


Our different learning areas:



This is a great multipurpose outdoor space for children to run around, climb, jump, slide, balance etc. These skills are essential for children to develop. The garden is a large grassy area and children enjoy relaxing and listening to stories under the trees.

Fruit and Vegetable Garden

The children love to plant seeds, look after them helping them to grow, harvest them and then enjoy cooking them! Learning outside the classroom is an important part of our program here at ONIS and what children see, hear, taste, touch, smell and do gives them ‘pathways to learning'. Children are intensely curious and should be given the opportunity to explore the world around them.



This is an amazing room to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. Lego has stood the test of time. Even with competing video and computer games, most children still love building with bricks. There are numerous Lego STEM activities that give children hands-on practice with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – skills they’ll rely on for years to come.


Our library is newly refurbished and is a relaxing and inspiring space. There are hundreds of books ranging from non-fiction to fiction. We ensure our books are carefully selected to support the curriculum and reflect the diversity of our community. All children have regular sessions in the library and the older children are taught the importance of borrowing books. Reading is an essential part of our daily life in school and building upon their imagination.

play ground


Our playground is a great space for the children to participate in learning outside the classroom from phonics, mathematics, problem solving and many more. A key skill which we encourage children to learn is riding a bike. From young children learning the initial skills with maneuvering chubby cars, developing their skills on balance bikes to being able to pedal and control a bicycle.


Messy Play

These are exciting hands on areas where children can explore sand, water, and other materials and reinforce concepts learnt within the classroom. 

Computer Lab

Our computer lab is available for all children in the school to access. We have individual computers for the children in Reception class upwards to use, Tablets with inspiring educational games and activities for all ages (with strict time limits) and an interactive board which all children enjoy enhancing their learning through IT.

Home/ Role Play Areas

These areas are key to develop language, confidence, share cultural experiences, exploration, learn through play and interacting with their peers and adults. From the home, kitchen, supermarket, pet shop etc. They all provide valuable learning experiences for the children.

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