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ONIS has a team of friendly, qualified and experienced staff who are all committed to providing the very best possible standard for all the children in their care. We believe in strong teamwork and value everyone’s jobs and the role they play to make the school a success. We often participate in team building exercises.


ONIS has a strong management team with years of experience in education ensuring we maintain our standards, keep up to date with curriculum changes and pedagogy; always moving forwards!


We offer a quality learning experience for children, which requires a strong well-trained team and everyone needs a clear understanding of their roles and responsibility. We therefore always maintain open communication between staff and a strong focus on training, skills enhancement and improving the standards of staff and their teaching practices through regular in-house and external training. The staff have great interpersonal skills, are well organised and are encouraged to share ideas and good practice. All staff are trained in Health and Safety, Child Protection and First Aid.

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