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The teachers provide an interactive, safe, caring learning environment with opportunities for the children to express their ideas, make links and ask questions. The Early Years classes primarily learn through play and hands-on activities and focus on creating independent thinkers and problem solvers from a young age.

At ONIS the children’s experience is always central and driven by their interests. It is important when planning for lessons and activities to respond to the children’s learning styles as they all learn in different ways and at different rates ensuring activities are differentiated accordingly to develop well balanced, confident individuals and life-long independent learners. The teachers lead whole class, focused smaller groups and individual sessions throughout the week to ensure children’s PLP’s are also reinforced.

The teaching at ONIS focuses on topic-based learning, which allows the children to actively engage in a task or longer-term project.
This type of learning encourages children to develop independence, confidence and initiative when exploring a topic in further depth.
The teachers are continually observing the children, making assessments, reviewing activities and lesson plans to inform the planning and make adjustments based on your child’s requirements to enable them to continually progress with their learning.

The teaching at ONIS is kept up to date with regular in house and external training. The way in which we implement the curriculum develops children that are able to communicate effectively, collaborate ideas, think critically and be creative. 
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Personalised Learning Program

One really important area we focus on for the children at ONIS is developing a personalised learning program for each individual child based on the objectives from the National Curriculum for England. Every child is unique and it is important to have a clear pathway enabling them to progress. Our small class sizes ensure the children are receiving sufficient support to excel. Where possible we are an inclusive school and we identify children’s SEND and provide extra help if required to assist them with their education.

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