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Lower Primary

In our Lower Primary classes (Class 1 and 2) we follow Key Stage 1, which is part of the National Curriculum for England. The subjects we teach are outlined below:






Art and Design

Design and Technology


Physical Education


Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Modern Foreign Languages


The National Curriculum for England provides an outline of core knowledge and standards which we use to develop rich, exciting and stimulating activities to promote the development of children’s knowledge, understanding and skills. Also, for children to develop a love of learning and a focused approach to their own learning.























In the Lower Primary classes, we focus on topic-based learning, which allows the children to actively engage in a task or longer-term project. This type of learning encourages children to develop independence, confidence and initiative when exploring a topic in further depth. The topics have a clear focus on either History, Geography or Science which then incorporates different subjects to immerse the children in their learning.


We want children to experience more than a regular academic curriculum to ensure that every child has opportunities to develop their potential. By providing a diverse, innovative and creative education alongside high aspirations and small class sizes it allows the children as a unique individual to develop personally and find areas in which they can achieve and excel.


Teachers continually observe and assess the children using both formative and summative assessment allowing them to build up a picture of the ‘whole child’ ensuring we focus on their PLP and provide differentiated lessons.












We actively encourage exploration, problem solving, independent expression and decision making. As a result, children become informed, confident and active learners with a strong sense of self and are well prepared for their future and transitioning onto different schools at the end of Class 2.

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