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School Uniform

Here at ONIS we encourage children to wear school uniform in the hope that this will enable all children to feel equal and respected whilst they are in school. All uniforms can be purchased from the school office.



Black shorts (for boys)

Orange and white checked skorts (for girls)

White polo shirt with the school logo

Black shoes

Black or white socks


PE Kit

Plain white T-Shirt

Black shorts



Jewellery, Hair Accessories and Watches

In line with health and safety regulations, no jewellery is allowed except for one pair of stud earrings and no beads in children’s hair. Watches may be worn from Reception Class upwards but the school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage.


PE Kit

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During your child’s time at ONIS they will be provided with all necessary equipment for example books, writing tools, rulers, book bags etc.

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